Intelligence Bureau SA


    Intelligence Bureau are able to investigate and assess various situations dealing in matters of infidelity, private and corporate debt collections, bug sweeping, phone tracking, GPS location and surveillance.

    Each individual case is treated with a collective assortment of integrated knowledge and most importantly extreme confidentiality.


    Products & Services:

    1. Tracing of absconded and or delinquent debtors. (Individuals)
    2. Tracing of Legal entities and members / directors.
    3. "Dead or Alive Inquiry"
    4. Standard Asset Search
    5. Full Asset Search
    6. Document Delivery or Collection
    7. Combination Consumer Enquiry (Consumer)
    8. Principal Clearance (Commercial/Consumer)
    9. Principal Clearance with ID Number Verification (Commercial/Consumer)
    10. Principal Link (Commercial/Consumer)
    11. Individual Portfolio (Consumer)
    12. Mini Company Report on File (Commercial)
    13. Bank Code 24 HOURS (Commercial)
    14. Full Company report (Commercial)
    15. Default Loading (Commercial/Consumer)
    16. Service of Sec.56;57;58 documentation (Gauteng only)
    17. Academic Qualification Verification (Global)
    18. Academic Qualification Verification (South Africa)
    19. Criminal Record Check
    20. Drivers Licence Check
    21. Matric Qualification Verification
    22. Reference Check
    23. NATIS Search
    24. Bank Account Search
    25. Bank Account Current Balance
    26. Bank Account Detailed Statement - per month per account Not older than 90 days.
    27. Telecommunication Information
    28. Tracing and acquisition cell phone handset location Polling of location. Price quoted per poll.
    29. Cloning of email address Incoming and out going
    30. Identify ownership of email address
    31. Polygraph Services
    32. Background Screening

    Affiliated Services
    Department of Home Affairs:

    SA passport renewals and applications
    Adult passports and temps
    Maxi passports
    Minor Passports (under 16)
    Minor passport and temp
    British Passport renewals and 1st time applications
    Canadian passport renewals and 1st time applications
    Abridged birth certificates
    Unabridged birth certificates
    Abridged marriage certificates
    Unabridged Marriage Certificates
    Vault copies of Birth certificates
    Death certificates
    Impediment letters - proving not married or proving divorce
    Apostille stamps - Foreign Affairs
    Services with regards to Motor Vehicle Registrations:
    business registrations (Registering a CC or PTY at the traffic department to receive Enatis no
    motor vehicle registrations
    motor vehicle change of ownership
    Motor vehicle first time licensing
    Motor vehicle license renewals
    De registrations
    Deceased estates - registering of motor vehicles from deceased to new owners
    Change of address (Licensing - clients moving from one Town or City to another)
    Roadworthy certificates
    Police clearance (Vehicles)
    Vin updates
    Engine change
    Stolen and recovered
    Export clearances

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