Brand new early warning system

that could prevent Farm Attacks!

Early Warning System

Avoid unpleasant surprises and give yourself up to 30 minutes to prepare action prior to an attack

Our system can do the following for your benefit:

  • It registers people as well as animals and vehicles over a 3,5km radius. Should the posing threat be on foot, you should have approximately 30 minutes to prepare action.
  • The system differentiates between different animal species according to their body temperatures, which can be used to monitor rhinos and buffaloes to name but a few;
  • Versatility is the keyword because of the different monitoring functions for people-, animals and vehicles which can be either switched on/off for all or some;
  • The system can also be used to monitor crops like peanuts, mealies etc. against warthogs and baboons by making the crop-field a monitoring zone. A warning will be sent to your cellphone/computer as soon as the system registers movement around the crop-field. The system will prevent animal theft or poaching by registering when animals are being chased, and sending a warning to your cellphone/computer;
  • The system can send a warning to your computer/laptop or 100 other computers/laptops for any threat whether it is human, animal or wheels or in the air;
  • The system can send a warning to your cellphone or 100 other cellphones for any threat whether it being human, animal or on wheels or in the air;
  • The system can be manipulated via its software by programming a no warning on selected roads or areas;
  • The software can be divided in zones much like a normal home alarm system to monitor for example certain selected zones during daytime and monitor all zones during night time;
  • Even if you are kilometers away from your farm or monitoring area, you can still monitor what is going on via your cellphone or computer/laptop. Should you for example go to church or shopping in town, you can monitor that all is well before returning home and take the necessary precautionary actions should all not be well;
  • You can monitor the workers and animals via the cellphone application at any time;
  • The system will indicate how many perpetrators are entering your area and exactly where they are;
  • The system is independent in using its own power and Wi-Fi, cellphone network or satellite (lbs.), whichever you choose;
  • There is no monthly charge for the system and software. The only fees for your account are the Wi-Fi, cellphone or satellite (lbs.) – which in South Africa will most probably be cellphone and/or Wi-Fi.

    The cellphone application uses approximately 1GB monthly – the cost being +- R200 on most networks;
  • The system is mobile and can be towed with ease by a normal vehicle or bakkie.

How it Works:

This system is by far the best and most cost effective way to prevent farm murders and animal theft, as well as a very effective managing tool for any farm or institution.

This product carries a 15 month warranty by the producers and is imported from China. The timespan for importation is approximately 14 working days from payment received and forex paid to the supplier. We will have an actual shop in the near future with stock on hand.

We are also supplying the “device” on which the system is mounted but you have the option to have it mounted on your own device. Thus we quote for the “device” separately.

We thank you for your interest and the opportunity for us to explain all the benefits. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Greetings in safety,

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