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5 months ago

Northern Cape | SAPS NEWS: Woman Stabs Ex-Boyfriend to Death, Barkly West

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Woman stabs ex-boyfriend to death: Barkly West


Media Statement from Northern Cape Media Centre Corporate Communication and Liaison

The police in Barkly West are investigating a murder after a 26-year-old female allegedly stabbed a 24-year-old man to death. It is alleged that on Tuesday,

20 November 2018 at about 22:30 the woman entered the ex-boyfriend’s shanty in Phelindaba, Barkly West, where she found the man with his new girlfriend. The victim opened the door and the female allegedly stabbed him in his upper leg with a knife. The man tried to seek help but collapsed just outside his shanty and succumbed to his injuries.

The police arrested the female minutes later at her house, not far from the scene. The suspect should be appearing in the Barkly West Magistrates’ Court soon. The investigation continues


Enquiries: Captain Sergio Kock- 082 49 499 82


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