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8 months ago

Gauteng | Krugersdorp: Body Of A Woman Believe To Be In Her 20's Found Floating In Blou Gat Dam

The body of a woman, believed to be in her 20s, was found this afternoon floating in the Blou Gat Dam in Krugersdorp West.

ER24 Paramedics, along with the SAPS, were called to the scene at around 12h00.

Upon arrival, paramedics and SAPS Divers found the body floating in the dam. The SAPS divers retrieved the

body and returned it to the nearby banks. An awaiting SAPS helicopter then airlifted the body to the awaiting ER24 Paramedics.

Unfortunately, upon assessment, paramedics found that the woman had been dead for some time. Nothing could be done for her and she was declared dead.

The details surrounding this incident are not yet known but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

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