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7 months ago

National SA News | Mtn Data & Airtime Wiped: Technical Error Results In Many Clients Data And Airtime Wiped-out

MTN, South Africa's second largest mobile network, confirmed that a technical error has wiped out clients' data and airtime on Friday.

Frustrated MTN users go in on the mobile network

Affected users took to Twitter to voice their frustration at the unpleasant surprise. Some disgruntled customers accused the network of not respecting them and stealing their data.

However, it seemed to pick up some favouritism after it launched the ‘free Twitter' feature that allowed users to browse the popular social media platform without data.

However, there are a million ways to skin a cat, and sure enough, hackers found a way around using the free Twitter feature to stream internet protocols (IP) that are not free.

The strength of MTN in the market has remained resilient because users keep coming back. But now, after the mobile network announced the accidental wipe-out, a Twitter user felt like MTN sees them – its customers – as clowns.

MTN responds to customers' outcries

MTN released a statement within which they shared that the fault could affect current reflected balances and recharging. According to the mobile network, a small percentage of customers.

"The resolution of this problem is a priority, and all balances and services will be restored in the course of today,” reassured MTN.

The mobile network apologised for any inconvenience and asserted that they are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. It did not confirm whether or not this was caused by another hack attempt into their systems.

Historically, None of these glitches have ever affected the mobile network's performance. It still attracts the most customers and continues to grow, with users moving from other networks to join MTN.

A third of the network's revenue is due to its presence in Nigeria. MTN operates in over 20 African countries, with 31 million users in South Africa.

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