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6 months ago

National SA News | BRUTAL ATTACK: Taxi Driver Brutally Attacks an on-duty Female JMPD Officer

On Friday morning at about 07h00, three Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers were deployed to the intersection of Houghton Drive and Houghton Avenue in Houghton on traffic points duty, when an impatient taxi driver attacked one of the female officers.
Two JMPD officers were conducting points duty while another was ensuring traffic free flow. When the female officer

stopped a white Toyota mini bus taxi, the driver became impatient and began swearing at the female officer.
When the officer turned her back to direct traffic, the taxi driver accelerated and smashed into the officer.
The female officer had to hold onto the windscreen wipers to refrain from been dragged underneath the taxi. One of the other officers immediately stopped the driver but the female officer had already been dragged for a few metres before the taxi driver stopped.
Despite instructions for the taxi driver to get out of the vehicle, he instead locked the vehicle and started to waive his fist to the officers and demanded that the officers give him back the wiper blades that had fallen off.
The taxi driver grew even more aggressive and eventually got out of the taxi after which he began attacking the female officer by head butting and then proceeding to punch her.
The injured officer's colleagues were ultimately able to restrain the taxi driver and put him in handcuffs, however, the commotion had attracted other taxi drivers who formed a mob and surrounded the three JMPD officers, placing them in a life threatening situation.
In response, the officers drew their service Firearms to stabilise the situation. In an act of further provocation, the group of taxi drivers that had surrounded our JMPD officers even gestured to the female officer inviting her to fight them.
Other JMPD officers were soon on the scene to provide back-up and the unruly taxi drivers dispersed. The aggressive taxi driver was arrested and taken to the Yeoville police station, where he will face serious criminal charges.
The female officer who was attacked by the aggressive taxi driver sustained injuries to her left arm, leg, face, back and suffered a concussion to the head. She was taken to Milpark Hospital.
The Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba together with Public Safety MMC Michael Sun, Chief of Police David Tembe and senior JMPD officials rushed to visit the affected officers and made sure that they received adequate medical attention.
Mayor Herman Mashaba condemned this act of senseless violence against officers of the law.
He said: "An attack on our JMPD officers, is not only an attack on our government but an attack on our efforts to return the rule of law in our City. It is an attack on the people of our City, who are desperate to feel safe in their homes, communities and streets. For years a culture of lawlessness was allowed to fester in our City and it falls to society, as a whole, to declare that ‘enough is enough'."
The City condemns the criminal and cowardly behavior of the taxi drivers involved and will ensure that they are arrested and made to face the full might of the law.
Further to that, we will make submissions to the National Prosecuting Authority to oppose any possibility of a successful bail application by any of the suspects.

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