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7 months ago


Reports of a Bomb detonating in the Wentworth area at a local supermarket has been dispelled by South African Police Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo.
In recent reports it was alleged that a boy was used to deliver a letter to the manager of the store who was instructed to put money inside a bag and leave the bag outside the

supermarket or else a bomb would explode.
It is alleged the manager, accompanied by the boy, then took the envelope personally to the police station. The police attended and cordoned off the scene.
The Bomb Disposal Unit arrived and with the use of a dog, conducted an explosives search inside the supermarket where a black plastic packet was found at the entrance near the tills.
A video circulating social media shows police vehicles on scene and someone can be heard counting down the explosion.
Brig Naidoo said there was a controlled detonation done by the police to reveal what was in the suspicious parcel said to be a bomb. "But it was proven to be negative as there was no content in the package," he said.
With the number of reports of explosive devices in Durban recently, he urged the public who does find such packages to first inform centre management or management of security in the premises. If there are no management then call the police.

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