Whether you're a New Neighbourhood Watch Group, a small Home Security Business or a well established Security Company and you're looking to boost your social media reach, you've come to the right place.

NARI is a well-maintained platform and is constantly developing new features to improve the overall user experience for all our members and visitors.

As of January 2020, NARI had more than 3 million active subscribed members.

Our Mission is simple yet challenging: Keeping you Informed 24/7.

The short answer is Yes, anyone can register and create a NARI Profile!

NARI offers two Registration Options:

  • Influencer Profiles
  • Member Profiles

Influencer Profiles Includes:
Emergency Services, Crime Fighting Organisations, Ambulance Services, Neighbourhood Watch Groups, CCF's, CPF's, Security Firms, Media Websites, Journalists etc...

All Influencer Registrations are subject to NARI Approval.

Member Profiles:
Anyone with a Facebook profile can create an instant NARI profile by clicking on the user icon located in the top navigator bar of the NARI website.

The Content you will find on NARI includes:

  • News, Accidents, Robberies and Incident-Related Content
  • Safety, How-2-Avoid & other Educational Content

News, Accidents, Robberies and Incident-Related Content:

  • Local South African News
  • Live Camera Traffic Updates (Cape Town, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal)
  • Accidents Reports
  • Protest Alerts
  • Robberies & Incident-related content.
  • Once in a while some Political news

Safety, How-2-Avoid & Other Educational Content:

  • Scam Alerts
  • Important Media Releases
  • Real-Life Stories (Community)
  • User & Community Posts
  • Wanted & Missing Persons
  • Security Alerts
  • Safety Tips
  • Articles on 'How-to-Avoid' certain situations and other Educational Awareness content.

The list of benefits are endless - Here are a few that might get you excited:

  • Reach a larger audience instantly:
    Your posts will also reach NARI Members & NARI Subscribers. Your articles, content and updates will systematically be shared to the Official Facebook page of News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents (NARI) as well as the Official Facebook Group.

  • NARI Promotes your Content: In exchange for your original / unique content, NARI will reward you by promoting your Articles, Reports, Updates and even your Business Products and Services to a much wider audience absolutely free of charge.

    The NARI platform also enables you to easily promote your iOS or Android apps, your website, Facebook page or any other social media account you may have.

  • All your Social Networks Combined into one Dashboard: Add all your social media accounts to your dashboard.

    Add your website RSS Feed & NARI will promote your website content as well.

  • We Listen when you speak: Are we missing something? Is there something that you would like to see on NARI? Perhaps another functionality or feature to make your life easier?

    Submit your suggestions or feedback to NARI.

Not only has NARI become a very unique and trustworthy news platform, it also offer our Members a whole lot of value.

  • Constantly Expanding the Platform with new features and useful tools to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Extremely Easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • Mobile-Friendly with the latest Web Techniques
  • We Listen to you and we're constantly in development to improve
  • More than 3-Million Members, Users & Subscribers are using NARI to stay Informed 24/7.

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Sharing information of News, Accidents, Robberies, Incidents (NARI) and related topics directly from Local Communities across South Africa. NARI, Keeping you Informed 24/7!

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