Claims of demonic possession at high school in Sydenham - Tabloid NewspapersPande...

Learners, as reported by Tabloid Media, rushed out of their classrooms amidst screaming, shouting and uncontrollable shaking.

Combined Community Watch head, Domenic King, responded to Bechet High School on Barns Road earlier today after the chaos at the school was

reported on various social media channels.

Speaking to the Springfield Weekly Gazette, King said, "Upon arrival outside the school premises, learners were scene departing from school. Many were screaming and there were reports that they were shaking violently.

An adult monitor at the school who assists with various duties said the learners claimed that they were attacked by demons which transferred from one girl.

Panic spread and chaos reigned. The monitor said over 30 learners claimed they were affected by the

demonic possession."

"There were reports of possible drug usage which remain unconfirmed. Speculation is rife about what sparked the chaotic outbreak but it is alleged that numerous 'prayer warriors' were on the school premises attempting to tackle the issue.

A learner was visibly shaken upon her departure to her home and said the girls were fainting and shaking and thereafter the boys were affected. The learner said she was scared at what she witnessed," King added.

Learners were seen loitering around Randles and Butcher Roads after they were dispersed.

King said at this stage it is speculative what caused the commotion.

The Springfield Weekly Gazette contacted the Department of Education (DOE) and spokesperson, Kwazi Mthethwa said: "We cannot confirm that any screaming and uncoordinated noise by the learners led to a panic in the school and that it's demons. We cannot attribute this unusual incident to symptoms of demonic possession."

Reports of the incident was posted on Facebook and evoked mixed reactions from parents. "This is terrible.My son said it was quite scary.We have to keep you children in prayer," said a parent.

(sic) Another parent shared, "My son said it's not drugs but demons they frotting and shaking and fainting started with one girl them went on to others mainly girls but also boys aswell now." (sic)


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