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The South African Police Service released its crime statistics today, which show that in the year to March 2019 there were 22,431 cases of robbery at residential properties.

Dialdirect Insurance has warned that South Africans need to be vigilant

to avoid becoming a victim of crime, and has suggested several steps homeowners can take to protect themselves.

"Homes that aren't thoroughly secured, have only one security measure in place, or have one of their security features temporarily disabled are prime targets," said the company.


Dialdirect noted the following trends when it comes to home robberies in South Africa.

  • Home burglaries occur most frequently between Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • The months of April, July, August, and December see robberies spike.
  • There's been an increase

    in the number of claims where entry is gained through the garage.

  • The most commonly-stolen items during a burglary are electronics.

Protect your home:

Dialdirect said homeowners must ensure they have the following defensive measures in place.

  • A sturdy perimeter wall or palisade fence that not only offers privacy, but also acts as a first line of defence.
  • Secure access gates and garage doors that are sturdy and can ideally be opened remotely.
  • An electric fence that offers an extra security barrier and serves as a further deterrent to criminals.
  • Security beams that cover the area around your home, as well as the area inside your home.
  • Burglar bars on windows and security gates on all doors.
  • Link your security system to a reputable armed response company.
  • CCTV systems are becoming increasingly affordable and offer an easy way for you to keep an eye on your property.

Dialdirect added that homeowners must look out for suspicious vehicles or individuals, especially when entering their property.

"Move swiftly when you enter or exit your property," said the company.

"Avoid giving criminals a peek at what is inside your home by leaving empty boxes of newly bought items in full view, by leaving curtains wide open or by leaving any doors, including the garage door, open," it added."",


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