School Awareness Campaign CrimeAwarenessCampaigns EASTERN CAPE - East London CPO, Sector managers ...

School Awareness Campaign #CrimeAwarenessCampaigns EASTERN CAPE - East London CPO, Sector managers and Women's Network visited Umtiza High School today.

The school has been identified as one of the problematic schools.

The purpose of the visit was to sensitize

the female students on crime related issues.

The ex-convict, Correctional Service, sector manager from Buffalo flats, and Women's Network honoured the campaign.

The school kids were told to stay away from drugs, and misusing of alcohol, human trafficking, and sexual offences were the issues that Captain Mqala emphasized.

"Each and every one must stay away from criminal activities and involve yourselves on playing sport and go to church" she said.

The pamphlets on Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Drugs, Human Trafficking and Sexual offences

were handed over to the students.

Teachers and learners were so impressed with the visit and make the students to be aware on these criminal activities.

Everything went well with no incidents reported.



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