SAPS National Commemoration Day - 2019 FinalSalute to the late Detective Constable BB Ngcingwana for...

SAPS National Commemoration Day - 2019 #FinalSalute to the late Detective Constable BB Ngcingwana for the oath you took, your bravery and protection, we say "Siyabulela/Thank you" In loving memory of a fallen hero, the SAPS found

it fitting to engrave your name on the national memorial wall situated at the Union Buildings, to signify the gratitude of the nation.

While accidents and tragedies that affect everyone occur frequently, it is different for the families of police officials as they watch their loved ones wear bullet-resistant vests, and they know they knowingly and willingly walk into uncertain danger every day for the safety of ordinary people like you and me.

This is what the late Detective Constable BB

Ngcingwana, who was stationed at the Mount Road Crime Office, would do because of the love and loyalty he had for his country and the safety of its citizens.

He was only 35 years of age when he was fatally wounded on 12 June 2018 at Mendi Road, New Brighton.

Detective Constable Ngcingwana was with a colleague when they approached a vehicle in Mendi Road.

As they got out of their marked police vehicle, suspects shot at the members.

The late Detective Constable Ncingwana was hit several times and lost his life on the way to hospital.

News of a police officer being injured or murdered should never be just another sad story in the media, as for us, it should never become ‘old news' - Detective Constable Ngcingwana, the SAPS will never forget your contribution and tireless efforts to create a safe and secure environment for all.

To the late Detective Constable BB Ngcingwana, the management of the SAPS salutes you for your bravery, loyalty and sacrifices to serve and protect - no longer with us, but you will never be forgotten.



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