Twenty vehicles seized CrossBorderCrimes DURBAN - The fight against cross-border crimes continues a...

Twenty vehicles seized

#CrossBorderCrimes DURBAN - The fight against cross-border crimes continues at Emanguzi where stolen and hijacked vehicles are taken across the border.

A number of operations were conducted by police officers at Emanguzi as from 1 June 2019 to

4 August this month, which resulted in twenty suspected stolen/hijacked vehicles being seized.

These vehicles were either hijacked or stolen from various parts of the country, destined to be taken across our borders.

Eight suspects were arrested during these operations and have appeared in the Emanguzi Magistrate's Court on charges of being in possession of suspected stolen vehicles.

The vehicles that were seized include trucks, bakkies and cars.

Some of these vehicles were found hidden in the dense vegetation, whilst others were intercepted

before they cross the border.

The engine and chassis numbers on these vehicles have been altered and police officers were confronted with the difficult task of linking these vehicles to vehicle related crimes across the country.

These operations are an indication that police are slowing breaking the backs of syndicates who are masterminds behind vehicle related crimes in the country.



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