FARM ATTACK - Farmers Couple fought for Survival when Attacked by 5/6 Armed Suspects...

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They should never think we are going to leave our farm. This is our home and we will never leave.

In the third farm attack this month in the Free State, a couple from Vredefort fought for survival against six armed


Pieter de Klerk, 62, who has a cattle farm, and Marlene Smit, 60, arrived at their farm, Vanderwaltsrus between Schoemansdrift and Scandinavia at about 21h15 on Friday evening when they were attacked by six armed men.

Four of the men were armed, Smit says.

De Klerk and Smit dropped off workers earlier that evening and drove into the garage when the men attacked them.

De Klerk fought back with three of the attackers and It probably saved their lives.

This is the third

farm attack this month in the Free State and follows the murder of Johannes Mazibuko (71), an emerging farmer from the farm Waterpark in the Frankfort district.

A week before this murder, Sakkie (67) and Ina van der Berg (62) outside Boshof were murdered in a farm attack.

"I just opened the door then they surrounded us. They were silent and said nothing. Three armed men attacked my husband and one man attacked me, ”says Smit.

De Klerk wrestled with the attackers in the house with then ran to the bedroom to fetch his firearm.

The attackers fired a few shots at him and one bullet hit him in the back.

De Klerk fired a few shots in the direction of where he last heard the men's voices.

The attackers fled with Smit's handbag and .38 Special revolver.

"When I heard the shots in the house, I thought he (De Klerk) was dead. I thought I should get up and get help, but then I saw him.

“I was ecstatic to see him alive. Fighting and surviving against three armed men is a God-blessing. We can only say thank God we are not dead. My husband is a hero, ”says Smit.

She is still in the Mediclinic Potchefstroom and underwent surgery on her hand on Saturday night. De Klerk was released yesterday morning.

Smit says the men took them by surprise, but if she was able to shoot first, she would have "taken one or all of them out".

"They should never think we're going to leave our farm. This is our place. We're not going to leave, ”she says.

Const. Police spokesperson Peter Kareli said police were investigating cases of robbery with firearms, as well as two charges of attempted murder. Nobody has been arrested yet.

Source: Adjudicate | Volksblad.


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