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Macado Technologies - Farm Attacks in S.A. - Audio Challenge Fight Back Solution In the past nine ye...

Macado Technologies - Farm Attacks in SA

Audio Challenge Fight Back Solution

Farm Attacks in South Africa have increased by 60% in the past 9 years (2010 - 2019). This is 2,616 times in which families and farm workers feared for their

lives during a farm attack.

Macado Technologies offers various fight back solutions to protect your families and farm workers.

Watch our video below and discover how Macado's Audio Challenge Fight Back solution works in securing the safety of your family and farm workers.

Contact: Ria du Barry T: 7 (0) 82 897-8377 or Ivan Theunissen on 7 (0) 63 698 6428.

Our 24-hour office line: T: 7 (0) 87 808 8888 email: info@macado.co.za, website: www.macado.co.za

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