Armed muggings spike in Lotus Park as knife-wielding gang pounces on locals Residents of Lotus Park ...

Armed muggings spike in Lotus Park as knife-wielding gang pounces on locals Residents of Lotus Park are urged to be on high alert following several armed muggings in the area by a gang of about 3 to 4 males with

knives who are lurking in the vicinity.

This morning, 2 women were robbed at the corner of Silvergull Drive and Lotus Road, as reported by a resident in the area.

It is alleged that the women were robbed by 3 men with knives.

On Monday, another robbery took place at the boomgate in Lotus Park leading to Malukazi, as reported by a member of public on social media.

According to the report, on Monday morning, a man was robbed by 4 suspects with

knives at the boomgate.

The suspects took the victim's phone and wallet.

A second armed mugging occurred on Monday afternoon, near the Spar, where 4 suspects once again with knives accosted the victim and took his wallet and cellphone.

Workers and locals are afraid to walk on the streets due to prowling criminals.

Residents who wait for their lift clubs are also at risk.

Residents and domestic helpers who rely on public transport fear for their lives as they feel they are soft targets for these roaming armed thugs.

Locals are urged to walk in groups and those who wait for their lift clubs should make arrangements to be miscalled as their transport provider is nearby.

Do no wait alone and definitely do not play with your cellphone whilst waiting.

Be vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for suspicious persons.

Report all suspicious persons who appear to be unfamiliar or loitering in the area for a period of time, to the police or your security service provider and local CPF.

It is unknown if any cases have been reported for the crimes committed.

Alpha Alarms will be stepping up patrols in the area and will be engaging with the local CPF and subforums, including SAPS, to address this concerning issue.


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