Today is International AlbinismAwarenessDay People with this genetic condition live in fear because ...

Today is International #AlbinismAwarenessDay

People with this genetic condition live in fear because of the existence of a lucrative black market where body parts of people with albinism are used as muti medicine.

When you have a family member with albinism, it

is important to be alerted to the reality and to be aware of dangerous crime trends and patterns.

Here are some important safety tips:

Never walk alone. Set up a companion system and never walk in quiet, deserted places.

Ensure that safe transport is used to transport family members.

Always know where they are going, with who they are travelling and when they will be back.

Never entrust a child with albinism with someone who you do not know.

Know emergency numbers and who you

can contact in case of an emergency.

Mobilize support in the community and liaise with Community Policing Forums and School Management for protective action.

Counter surveillance:

It has been proven that most criminal acts are preceded to a period of surveillance. Criminals seek to increase their chances of success by getting to know an area, seek out vulnerable targets and get to know their routine and strike at a place and time when the person is vulnerable, unaware and unprotected.

Change your routine regularly and be aware of your surroundings and the people in your area.


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