Foiled armed robbery - Police fatally shot two suspects and seized firearms. GAUTENG - Police have ...

Foiled armed robbery - Police fatally shot two suspects and seized Firearms.

GAUTENG - Police have made a breakthrough in intercepting a group of would-be robbers who are suspected to have conspired to commit an armed robbery in the West

Rand. Two were fatally shot, one wounded and three others arrested in Main Reef Road near Roodepoort today after 09:00. Four Firearms and two sedans, a BMW and an Opel were seized. One of the vehicle is suspected to have been hijacked in Soweto.

The operation was conducted by multi-disciplinary police teams including Tactical Response Teams, Metro Police, Crime Intelligence and local police officers on information of several suspects travelling in two vehicles who had conspired to commit an

armed robbery. On approaching the suspects, a chase which was followed by a shoot-out ensured in Main Reef Road. It is where the suspects were cornered. No police members were injured during the arrest of the suspects.

Police are busy questioning the arrested suspects as they might be a gang involved in serious and violent crimes. One of the suspects is under police guard at the hospital. The suspects will be charged with a conspiracy to rob, possession of a stolen vehicle as well as possession of unlicensed Firearms when they appear in court within 48 hours.

The Provincial Commissioner of Gauteng Lieutenant General Mawela has also tasked a team of detectives to dig deeper into the activities of the arrested suspects and make sure that they face the full might of the law.



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