UPDATED (06h00 - Sat 8 June 2019):

At 18h54 Friday afternoon the Medical Team of Titanium Securitas received multiple calls of a serious motor vehicle collision on the N1 between the Weighbridge and Du Toitskloof Pass.

Our Rapid Response vehicle was dispatched

to the scene to assist. On arrival multiple patients were found on scene and were assisted by local Ambulance Services as well as Fire and Rescue.

One patient was found trapped inside her vehicle and unfortunately sustained fatal injuries.A passenger in the vehicle were also transported to hospital in a critical condition,unfortunately she succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

Another patient from the second vehicle was treated on scene and transported in a critical condition to a private hospital in Worcester.

Unfortunately after several life saving techniques were initiated the patient was declared deceased at hospital.

Other patients were also transported to hospital with injuries ranging from minor to serious.

While busy on the 1st incident Traffic was heavily backed up. A vehicle was stationary behind a truck when another heavy vehicle rear-ended into them, killing all 4 occupants in the vehicle.

A specialized Rescue Vehicle from Cape Town was dispatched to the scene to assist with the extraction of the deceased.

Local authorities were on scene to conduct a full investigation into the matter. Our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.


Unconfirmed number of fatalities reported in a collision on the N1 outside of Worcester in the Western Cape. The collision involving two trucks and a Opel Corsa light motor vehicle happened near the weigh bridge near Rawsonville just before 21h00 on Friday night.

All emergency services and emergency workers are on the scene. Traffic are severely backed-up and motorists can expect delays of up to 1 hour at this stage.

Motorists are advised to approach the crash scene with caution as traffic are being diverted past the scene. This is a developing story and will be updated.

In a separate accident also on the N1:

A correctional bakkie and another vehicle collided head-on. One female passenger in correctional service vehicle and one occupant in the other vehicle sustained fatal injuries.

Three other people are seriously injured. The Huguenot Tunnel is currently closed.



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