6 YEAR JAIL TERM FOR R200 BRIBE: Former National Traffic Police Officer gets 6-Year Jail Term for R2...

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‌Former national traffic officer Rodney Dakalo Ramusia, aged 29, has been sentenced to six years in jail for corruption by the Mokopane magistrate court in Limpopo, the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, known as the Hawks, said on Wednesday.

He and

a colleague demanded a bribe from a Hawks vehicle, unaware of the officials being ready to arrest him.

Hawks spokesperson Captain Matimba Maluleke said last May Ramusia was, in the company of a colleague, caught red-handed with a R200 cash bribe he had solicited from law enforcement officers.

"The two officials had stopped a Hawks vehicle just outside Naboomspruit and demanded a bribe in order not to issue a ticket. Unaware that they were dealing with Hawks serious corruption investigating members,

Ramusia and his colleague were arrested on the spot immediately after accepting the bribe," said Maluleke.

Ramusia and the unnamed colleague were granted R1,000 bail each, but during the trial, charges against the latter were withdrawn.

‌"Ramusia was left alone to answer to his immoral endeavour and on [Tuesday] he was slapped with a direct six-year sentence for corruption with no option of a fine," said Maluleke.

Limpopo provincial head of the Hawks Major General Thobeka Jozi welcomed the sentencing.

"We will continue to support government's zero-tolerance stance to stamp out dishonesty and unlawfulness. We would like to warn those who continue to steal from the public that the long hand of the law will catch up with them,"

"The Hawks will continue to clean government institutions as well the private sector and restore a culture of integrity. We also call upon our citizens to be vigilant at all times and report these illegal acts that continually betray the public trust."

Source: Traffic Policing Affairs Limpopo

- African News Agency"https://nari.co.za/profiles/user-images/posts/images/R200-BRIBE-1.png",


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