Crackdown on Doctors Practices in Nelson Mandela Bay PRETORIA: Traffic anti-corruption law enforcem...

Crackdown on Doctors Practices in Nelson Mandela Bay

PRETORIA: Traffic anti-corruption law enforcement authorities have raided at least 10 medical practices in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in a joint effort with health regulatory bodies to crack down on fraud

relating to the issuing of public driver's permits.

At least two suspects were arrested for allegedly practising medicine unlawfully while two others were taken in for questioning. Investigations are continuing and more arrests are expected.

The crackdown was undertaken by the National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit of the Road Traffic Management Corporation in collaboration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the South African Medical Products Regulatory Authority to deal with doctors who irregularly issue medical certificates to individuals seeking

to apply for public driver's permits.

It is alleged that some doctors issue these certificates without subjecting patients to the necessary medical examination.

The overall objective of the operation was to reduce the number of road traffic crashes that happen because of lack of poor driver fitness. The Eastern Cape is one of the provinces experiencing a high number of road fatalities and everything needs to be done to assist the province to reduce these fatalities.

A total of 9195 public driver's permits were issued in the Metro last year alone. It is believed that many of these were issued to undeserving individuals.

A total of 17 unregistered doctors were arrested in different parts of Gauteng when the authorities undertook a similar enforcement operation. Sixteen of them pleaded guilty and were convicted to fines ranging from R5 000 to R20 000 or a jail term not exceeding six months.

Investigations are continuing in different parts of the country and members of the public are requested to assist by reporting these unlawful activities on 0861 400 800 or

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