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During the early hours of Wednesday morning, police arrested alleged hijackers on the R300. Video footage of the incident can be seen below - it's not the best quality - but its good enough to see & hear how a

hijacker almost became breakfast for a Hero Police Dog.

An eyewitness told News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents what he saw:

"Around 03h35 this [Wednesday] morning, a normal 10 minute trip to the pharmacy turned into a 2 hour expedition. Travelling on the Bottelary road towards Bellville I came across probably 20 police vehicles and private security vehicles. "

"As I stopped on top of the Bridge that runs over the R300, I realized that, I'm seeing all these blue lights but I'm

not seeing cops. Here and there a saw a police member standing on top of the bridge - all of them looking down towards the dense bushes next to the R300."

"I managed to have a quick chat with one of the friendly members. While pointing to a Bakkie which was standing in the emergency lane on the R300, he informed me that they are looking for 2 or 3 hijackers."

"Approximately 20 to 30 police officers and private security officers were searching through the dense bushes. After About 15 minutes, I heard a "very happy and proud" Police K-9 bark. Suddenly most of the officers ran towards the barking K-9. At this time, I still don't see the dog or the handler, I only hear them."

"Then, out came the one hijacker - with Hero K-9 hanging on his arm. Accordigng to a member on-scene, the bakkie was stolen in Brackenfell earlier - police spotted the vehicle and pursued it. The suspects came to a stop on the R300 and fled into dense bushes - The Bakkie was also recovered."



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