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POWERALERT 1 Date: 15 March 2019 Eskom implements Stage 2 rotational loadshedding...

Eskom implements Stage 2 rotational Load Shedding

Friday, 15 March 2019: Due to a shortage of capacity, Eskom will implement Stage 2 rotational load shedding from 08h00 today, and is likely to continue until 23h00.

Customers are reminded to treat all electrical points as live during loadshedding.

Stage 2 calls for 2000MW to be rotationally loadshed nationally at a given period. Load shedding is conducted rotationally as a measure of last resort

to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout.

We continue to appeal to residents and businesses to use electricity sparingly during this period.

Please switch off geysers as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing demand.

For Eskom customers, these schedules are available on the Eskom website ( Eskom customers can also contact our

customer contact centre at 0860 037 566.

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