SaferSchools project delivers new shoes to children, Kwazakele PartnershipPolicing Eastern Ca...

#SaferSchools project delivers new shoes to children, Kwazakele #PartnershipPolicing

Eastern Cape: Police in Kwazakele, joined by Clover Krush, embarked on a special campaign to make our youth aware of crime and child safety at schools. The campaign

supports safer schools and victim empowerment, as well as attending to the needs of the less fortunate and fragile communities.

The sponsor, Clover Krush are handing out new school shoes and fruit juice to all the children attending at the various schools that have been identified. In order to also cater for very young children and persons of old age, the campaign will also be including identified pre-schools, day care centres and old age homes.

Today the first school that

was visited was Mzimhlophe Primary School where 800 school children were the first in Motherwell Cluster Stations schools to take part in the campaign.

The Kwazakele police comprising of the Sector Managers, Community Police Forum as well as the Community Police Officers, joined hands with Clover Krush at the school where crime awareness guidelines for child safety at schools were given to the 800 joyful children.

After the first visit, the campaign was also conducted at Sakhuluntu Preschool, Masilakhe Day Care Centre, Ekuphumleni Old Age Home and Phakama Primary School. During the next few days more schools will be visited during this campaign.


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