Update: As per police spokesperson Cpt Nqobile Gwala "Charges of robbery and inquest docket are b...

Update: As per police spokesperson, Cpt Nqobile Gwala, "Charges of robbery and inquest docket are being investigated by Wentworth SAPS. It is alleged on 16 December 2018, at 23:30, at Sialkot Crescent, the complainant and her family were

inside their residence when an unidentified suspect entered the scene. At knife point the suspect threatened her and robbed her of jewellery and a cellphone. A struggle ensued and the victim managed to disarm the suspect of his knife and fatally stabbed him in the chest."

Suspect fatally stabbed in Merebank home invasion

A fatal stabbing occurred at a residence on Sailkot Crescent in Merebank during the early hours of this morning.

Alpha Alarms Response Unit responded to the

scene after a message was received on a subforum WhatsApp group.

Wentworth SAPS and another private security company responded to the scene.

It was reported that one male entered the premises with an alleged toy gun and knife and held both husband and wife hostage. The suspect allegedly tied up the husband and instructed the wife to pack all the jewellery in his bag. As the suspect and wife were still packing jewellery, the husband managed to untie himself and attacked the suspect. They wrestled and the suspect stabbed the husband.

As they were still fighting, the knife fell.

It is alleged that the wife managed to get hold of the knife and fatally stabbed the suspect.

The husband was rushed to hospital and is believed to be in a stable condition.

Alpha Alarms urges the public to be on high alert and remain vigilant.

Criminals do not go on holiday!

Keep gates and doors secured.

Please do not be lax in your security.

Safeguard your family and home by adhering to all safety and security precautions.

Ensure that your alarm system is armed upon closing up for the night and when you depart.


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