Good Evening / Morning Sir / Madam On behalf of ACR Executive Board, we humbly apologise for any con...

Good Evening / Morning Sir / Madam

On behalf of ACR Executive Board, we humbly apologise for any confusion of ACR Groups been Paid / Subscribed Groups.

In between the streamlining of groups, attending to emergency situations, relaying pertinent intel and web

designing and inbetween having network delays …

An admin member was tasked by Arie (National One) to relay information regarding the Premium Platform that is avail on ACR. The relavant information was provided with a link to join. Unfortunately the Admin member did not post the link with the Text portion, resulting in mass confusion in its entirety! - Rest assured, the admin member will be dealt with accordingly!

Members to pleas note, under no circumstances is ACR charging members

any fees on our platforms, where we humbly provide our own resources time and data to do the dispatching of various services.

ACR is a registered entity and is legally allowed to charge for services rendered as required by the company Act. As such, ACR has various premium services where a fee is payable to assist in generating money to keep ACR alive to benefit you the member of the public.

Premium Services that are provided occur operational costs and overheads, such as Staff, Equipment, Data, Airtime, General Business Running Costs such as electricity etc, as well as cost of Equipment, Maintenance and licencing fees where applicable. All premium services that ACR has previously promoted, ACR has never charged any markup on the service and or product.. in fact ACR CEO has been absorbing all costs to date out of his own pocket including the bank charges, Running costs etc.

We humbly request you to please consider returning to the ACR Groups and Platforms, by requesting the ACR Admin member/s who sent you this message to please re add you or provide the relevant link to re join the group/s accordingly.

Your Safety and Security is our Number One Priority.

For and behalf of ACR National Intelligence SA.

Mark Lombaard

Executive Chairman

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