A new South African promoting company "We Are Live" says international bands and touring artists a...

A new South African promoting company, "We Are Live", says international bands and touring artists are not deterred by negative aspects of the country's overseas' image when pitched to perform locally. The company, based in Cape Town, has during its

first year brought out diverse acts such as Bastille, Texas, Incubus, James, Morcheeba, Brian McFadden, as well as Angus & Julia Stone. The promoter's director, Craig Bright, says overseas agents and artists are excited and willing to play in South Africa, despite continuing high crime levels, constant reports of fraud and corruption in the public sector, as well as water and electricity shortages. Bright says some of them also get involved with local conservation campaigns and support good causes

while touring South Africa. He says "they wanna come to south africa, they see south africa as a market they wanna get into, not only because it's a beautiful place to tour, and there's a large fan base for a lot of these acts, and they wanna come and experience south africa, so it's really good that we have them here, it's also good for them to get educated and understand what's going on in our country, and they can also talk about it on their side of the world as well, and to the world because they do have a world following.

(images: We Are Live)


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