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2018-12-05 15:21:00 -

3 months ago

Department Condemns Video Circulating on Social media - REASONS...

The Free State Department of Police, Roads, and Transport condemns the circulation of a video making rounds on social media depicting one of its traffic officers napping on the job.

The video shows the officer snoozing at the boot of the car while his colleague attends to another motorist a short distance away from him.

The Department's spokesperson, Hillary Mophethe, told OFM News they have

conducted an investigation into the matter and found that the officer in the video has a medical condition, which cannot be disclosed and is on medication.

Mophethe says the officer is loyal to the department with no bad record. She says investigations into the matter continues and will soon chart a way forward as to whether the

officer should still be on the road.

Mophethe has further urged members of the public to report such cases to the relevant authorities.

She has emphasised that "it is critical that we don't judge and go around speaking ungrounded things, which affects the dignity of the individual. It is rather proper to make a phone call and report the incident so that it can be handled with dignity. Traffic officers are only human.

Out there anything can happen in a similar way as it could happen to anybody, they can faint, they can have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. There are so many conditions that people are carrying around that we don't know and they are also entitled to not disclose them".

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