Terrorism, what it is and how to prevent it. My thought on it after being asked a question about the...

Terrorism, what it is and how to prevent it. My thought on it after being asked a question about the topic.

• Terrorism, can be considered a way to fight, attack or wage a war, against an adversary.

• That adversary

may be an individual, group, organization or state.

• The terrorist act can be applied by individuals with limited access to resources, (weapons) to large well-trained armed groups, with access to sophisticated equipment, technology and weapons. Methods used are planned around what weapons and resources you have available to use against your adversary. (Who your sponsors are).

• Fighting a war using terrorist tactics can be maintained over long prolonged periods and costs less money. The state cannot sustain high

costs that are related to combating this type of terror acts. This is specifically relating to the phase, where individuals are now turned into groups or organizations.

• Method chosen to attack is planned around your adversary weakness, but also importantly around the reaction needed from adversary and your audience. Reaction to the attack is very important.

• Method chosen (Attack): - Objective- (Create an act of fear). This is applicable to both your adversary and to your own support base or followers.

• We should not classify all attacks as a terrorist attack, however in today society nearly every incident occurring quickly strikes fear into certain communities, however these acts may be accepted by others as normal.

• Unorthodox methods of attacking one's enemies, requires unorthodox thinkers to identify those attackers and prevent those type of attacks. Layered security programs must be implemented and not just the responsibility of state organizations to implement.

• Solutions to combating terrorism or acts of terror needs to be addressed on grass root level, to counter the recruitment phase of these individuals, groups or organizations.

• Education of people on grass root levels, help reduce and mitigate this threat.

Just my opinion, to a complex problem that will not go away. It will be with us in one form or other, for a long time to come.

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