Ugandan Rescued Minutes Before Being Executed: Inanda - KZN A 24 year old Ugandan businessman was r...

Ugandan Rescued Minutes Before Being Executed: Inanda - KZN

A 24 year old Ugandan businessman was rescued by members of Reaction Unit South Africa minutes before he was to be executed by six men in Inanda - KZN this morning (Friday).


approximately 00:10 the victim's brother arrived at RUSA Headquarters in Verulam requesting assistance after his brother had been kidnapped and taken with his vehicle from his home in Waterloo - Verulam. The man went on to explain that at approximately 18:00 his brother was at home when he heard a knock on his door.

Someone called him by name and when he opened his door two men asked him for assistance to transport someone to hospital. As the victim

stepped out of his home he was approached by four more men who were armed with firearms. The suspects demanded valuables and cash from him.

They stole a television and other household items from the residence which they loaded into the victim's Toyota Passo. The victim was then forced into his vehicle and driven to an unknown location followed by a Nissan Tida.

The victim's brother received a call from the suspects demanding R25 000 in cash for the kidnapped man's release. In the presence of Reaction Officers the man called his brother's cellphone which was answered by one of the suspects. They asked him to bring the money to an isolated location near Spring Road in the vicinity of Trenance Park in Verulam.

Reaction Officers proceeded with the man to an unpaved road in an isolated area when they noticed the Nissan Tida. Officers boxed the vehicle in an apprehended three men as they exited the vehicle and attempted to flee. A search of the vehicle was conducted and a replica firearm (picture 3) as well as the television that was stolen from the victim's home was recovered. Reaction Officers then called out to the victim and heard him screaming for help several meters down an embankment.

While some Reaction Officers kept observation over the apprehended suspects other RUSA Members proceeded to the victim's location. He was found bound with ropes around his neck and legs. He informed Officers that three suspects were in the process of hanging him from a tree when they arrived (picture 8). The three suspects fled.

The visibly shaken victim informed Reaction Officers that the suspects had initially driven him to a different location where they set his vehicle alight. The suspects intended on burning him in the vehicle but decided to kill him only once they knew they were going to get the money. He led Officers to the location where his vehicle was set alight. His Toyota Passo was recovered however it was completely burnt out (pictures 4 & 5).

The three suspects who are from Amouti and Parkgate in Verulam were placed under arrest and were handed over to the Verulam SAPS for further investigation.


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