MEDIA STATEMENT ON COMMUNITY PROTEST WESTBURY: The Gauteng Provincial Community Police Board hereby...


The Gauteng Provincial Community Police Board hereby take this opportunity to extend its support for

community and law enforcement dialogue and peaceful protest to problem solve the issues of crime

and service delivery that effect our communities.

We are confident that dialogue and non violent

expression of the right to peaceful protest will serve to highlight the needs and amplify the voices of

the community of Westbury.

While we know and respect that members of the community have the right to take part in peaceful

protest actions as stipulated in the Constitution, Law enforcement authorities cannot sit back and

watch criminal elements in the communities take over the protest to create lawlessness and anarchy.

The area is still tense and members of

the Public Order Policing Unit have maintained visibility and

will continue to patrol and monitor the area to prevent further lawlessness.

We call for calm in the effected community of Westbury and call upon community leaders to act

responsibly and within the framework of the law , to further the important dialogue and problem

solving process around the issues that plague this community. We appeal for calm and echo the call

for peaceful and non-violent protest in the area.

It has long been recognized that crime and disorder are generated largely through a complex interplay

between social, economic and psychological factors which in turn inform the phenomenon of violent

public protests and we make a call to citizens to channel their outrage into positive mechanisms to

educate and effect positive change in their communities. We cannot continue to tolerate the unlawful

destruction of public property, the disruption of services and the ‘hijacking' of legitimate voices of

lawful protest by criminal elements for their own gain, as a standard means to highlight the issues and

complexities of our communities.

The Gauteng Provincial Police Board continue to work closely with Law enforcement and with all

community stakeholders in the community of Westbury to ensure that we improve the safety of the

community members in this community.

We urge NGOs , religious groups , community leaders and active citizens in this community to work

with their Community Policing Forum in order to form a concerted grassroots plan of action to tackle

the issues of issues of crime and safety in this community. Communities and individuals are

encouraged to continue exercising great diligence in their personal safety and to report any suspicious

activities or criminal acts to the relevant authorities.

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