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Witness Report of what Happened at Vaalmall Traffic Lights in Vanderbijlpark Sunday morning...

Witness Report of what happened at the Vaalmall traffic lights in Vanderbijlpark on Sunday morning (26 August 2018)

An accident occurred where a Volvo rear-ended into a Hyundai Tuson. As witnesses, we stopped at the scene and while everyone were waiting

for emergency services to arrive, the driver of the Volvo decided to flea from the accident scene.

We decided to follow him, because his car was damaged quite badly and could not allow this man to get away in his attempt of hit and run.

We found him on the side of the road where he pulled over, not far from the scene of the accident. We approached him and told him to go back to the scene of the

accident because it is illegal to move your car away from the scene of a accident. He continued to go about his own business and was talking on his cellphone.

He told us that he's on the phone with his daughter. Meanwhile we contacted the SAPS, reported the matter and hope that they will arrive soon.

While waiting, the daughter arrived in a Silver Jeep accompanied by a Silver and White breakdown Bakkie.

The driver of the breakdown attempted to tow the Volvo but for some reason he failed doing so. We noticed that the driver of the Volvo and his daughter, both were under the influence of alcohol - she (the daughter) admitted that she was drinking.

It was clear now that their only mission was to get her dad and his car away and out of sight before the police arrives.

This is when the driver of the breakdown jumped into Volvo and drove away, another breakdown arrived on the scene, picked up the driver of the Volvo and also drove away.

We decided to go after them to see where they are taking the car and it's Owner. The situation only gotten worse, when the woman in Jeep were driving recklessly and under the influence, trying to get rid of us, we felt our lives were in danger.

After 3 phone calls to the police, they still haven't responded. So we decided to go to the police station, because there were other cars that were also following the fleeing breakdowns, Volvo and the driver.

After about 15 minutes battling to get help from the police, 2 policemen appeared and said they will follow us (names withheld due to case opened). .

After some time and multiple phone calls from the other people who followed the Volvo and breakdowns, we spotted them and managed to pull them off the road at the robot near Checkers.

Now that police were on the scene we thought that things were over and its going to get calmer but it did not.

A very upset breakdown driver wanted to know why is everyone following him. We told him that he is not allowed to remove the vehicle from the accident scene and it then when he (breakdown driver) began to push the one person (Sello) who followed them around in full view of the 2 police officers. The police did absolutely nothing.

Sello tried to keep calm and while busy explaining to the police officers exactly what happened, the breakdown driver smacked Sello in the face. Again in full view of the police who once again did nothing.

We showed the video footage to the police where the breakdown driver made racial slurs earlier. Police responded by saying that we can open a case if we want to.

From there we drove to the police station, Sello driving in front of us. On-route to the police station the breakdown driver once again appeared and he was driving reckless, hitting the brakes etc almost causing another accident.

We arrive at the station and opened a case. Now we are waiting to hear what's going on. The service we received from SA police station was a disappointment.

It;s obvious that the old man who drove the Volvo will get away with this.I attach the videos. The Volvo driver is the uncle with that blue jeans and check shirt, his daughter is the blonde also seen in the video.


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