The Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services JICS is investigating a search incident at Pol...

The Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services, JICS, is investigating a search incident at Pollsmoor Correctional Centre in Cape Town on Monday night after inmates made allegations of mass assaults. JICS says in a statement, 96 Correctional officers and 66

Police members took part in the search in medium B section that lasted about seven hours. The operation was not video recorded, as legally required. JICS says it has repeatedly raised concern that the Department of Correctional Services acts in breach of its own policies. According to the Department's incident report, the search involving two cells was activated following several gang related stabbing incidents the weekend before. Before the search ensued, inmates allegedly became agitated, and sponge mattresses

were set alight and property damaged. Police extricated 58 inmates from the first cell. JICS says the role of Police, the department as well as authority granted for equipment used, forms part of the investigation. Items found in cell 1 is yet to be reported as it forms part of a forensic investigation. In cell two, 13 self-made knives and eight cell phones were confiscated. The injured inmates received medical treatment.


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