2018-08-15 17:47:19 - 1 year ago -

CHILD ABDUCTIONS: WC Education Department Received Reports of 2 Child Abductions in 2 Weeks...

The Western Cape Education Department says they've received reports of two abductions in the Zonnebloem area in Cape Town in the past two weeks.

Ministerial spokesperson, Jessica Shelver, says the information that they've received from the district office indicates that

the learners were targeted while they were on their way to or from school. Shelver says both learners were found at a later stage.

She says both learners were drugged; "Reports indicate that the perpetrators are drugging learners and abducting them."

"One reporting the involvement of a white van. We have reported these incidents to the police and our district social workers have issued communications to schools in the area. This is obviously a source of extreme concern. We have

not received any reports of this happening in any other area at this stage."


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