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ATM ROBBER: 56-Year-Old Female was Arrested after Robbing Unsuspecting Pensioner of her ATM card...

The 56 year old woman (pictured) was arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa after she and two accomplices robbed an unsuspecting pensioner of her ATM card in the Verulam CBD a short while ago.

A RUSA Member was on

patrol at the shopping centre when he noticed the suspect distract an elderly woman who was using the ATM. Her accomplice stole the victim's bank card without her knowledge before the two walked towards an awaiting Nissan Sentra.

As the RUSA Member approached the suspects the vehicle sped off leaving the female suspect behind.

Several shoppers confirmed that the woman was in the company of the suspect who had stolen the bank card and was attempting to make a getaway

in the Nissan Sentra when she was apprehended. The Ntuzuma - KZN resident has been arrested by Reaction Officers for ATM robbery previously.

A criminal record check confirmed that she had been convicted of crimes relating to theft and ATM robbery and is currently face charges of crimes of a similar nature. The suspect is currently detained at the Verulam SAPS.

Reaction Officers conducted an extensive search for her accomplices however no further arrests were made.


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