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2018-07-13 04:43:31 -

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Hi Why hasn’t RUSA commented or posted anything about the ARMED ROBBERY that took place in Edgeco...


Why hasn't RUSA commented or posted anything about the ARMED ROBBERY that took place in Edgecombe Park Complex where RUSA patrols the complex and an innocent man was killed whilst trying to escape from the robbers???

I am a resident here and I would really love to know how this was allowed to happen.

In my opinion, I think that the security guards are extremely lazy at the complex. I've had

several incidents where I've come home late and the guards take their sweet time to open up the rolling gates as well as the boomgates. In fact, if you watch surveillance footage of this week, you will notice that we actually stopped at the boomgates and complained that we could actually get hijacked due to their laziness. They open tyw rolling gates and once we're at boomgates they're still sitting in the guard hut. Any vehicle could easily enter behind us and hijack or rob us at the boomgates and get away. And trust me, I don't think the guards will do anything except watch it happen.

I am aware that RUSA does a fantastic job when it comes to apprehending criminals etc but when something goes wrong I think the public deserves an explanation as to how this happened (especially when I'm paying extremely high rentals just for the APPARENTLY SECURE COMPLEX).

If you require my contact details, somebody from RUSA is more than welcome to inbox me and request it.

And yes, I have used a fake Facebook profile as I don't wish to be targeted by anybody should this reach the guards attention as I live alone most of the time

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