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NO means NO, says Minister Cele and the National Commissioner, General Sitole TO: ALL THE EMPLOY...

NO means NO, says Minister Cele and the National Commissioner, General Sitole


NO means NO, says Minister Cele and the National Commissioner, General Sitole

"I pledge to help break the culture of silence that accompanies violence and abuse; I pledge not to commit violence, and to act when I see violence against women and children and I pledge to teach those in my

care the values of human dignity, equality and respect" said more than 100 attendees of the #100MenMarch against the abuse of women, children and vulnerable groups.

The march that started in the early hours of the morning on the corners of Kgosi Mampuru and Madiba Streets and continued to the Union Buildings, formed part of government's initiatives to raise awareness and discourage the scourge of violent crimes against vulnerable people.

At the march, the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele and the National Commissioner, General Khehla Sitole, made a commitment to create a society where women and children will enjoy their freedom as enshrined in the Constitution, whereby they will be able to walk freely without any fear of becoming the victims of crime.

"We want to take it beyond this march because the scourge of women and children abuse by men in the country is unacceptable. Today we are making a call to men to say change and end femicide. Once he points a finger at you, turn away and never look back, because next time he will put a knife in your heart," said Minister Cele, calling on women to walk away from abusive relationships.

Speaking in front of more than 1 000 police trainees in attendance, Minister Cele affirmed that the police officials and trainees must refrain from turning the victims of domestic violence away, and to prioritize and intensify the fight against crimes against women, children and vulnerable groups.

The Minister said they wanted the new recruits to understand how to take care of women and how to behave and make women safe.

"No police official may ever turn away any victim of gender-based violence. Instead, you must treat all such cases with priority and sensitivity, including responding without any delay," the Police Minister stressed.

The 100MenMarch was organised by the Government Communication and Information Systems (GCIS) with the involvement of other government departments, various social structures including business, labour, faith-based organisations, non-profit organisations and the media, who affirmed their commitment to protect women and children.

Speaking to the SAPS's Internal Communication team, GCIS Acting Director General, Ms Phumla Williams, urged more people to support the cause and all government departments to play a role in raising awareness of violence against women, children and vulnerable groups.

"We are encouraging more people to come through. The sooner we all partner in this war of stopping gender-based violence, we will conquer as a nation. We call on all men who are able to join us, to do so. We call on all women who can join us, to do so as well," Ms Williams said.

"The vision aims to turn the creation of a safe and secure environment into a crime-free climate that will be conducive to economic and social stability in support of a better life for all," General Sitole explained.

As part of enforcing the authority of the State, General Sitole mentioned that through the SAPS's turnaround vision, mechanisms have been implemented to address the scourge of crime against women, children and vulnerable groups.

Police officials are encouraged to stamp the authority of the State including joining the thuma mina (send me) call to the streets of South Africa to bring down the scourge of criminals who perpetrate crimes against women and children and other vulnerable groups in society.

The scourge of violence against these groups cannot and will not be tolerated and it is the responsibility of all including the police to root out these crimes.

REMEMBER, 2018 is declared the year to intensify the fight against gender-based crimes and abuse of other vulnerable groups. #ActAgainstAbuse

On a journey to a safer South Africa

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