2018-07-11 09:56:47 - 11 months ago -

BURGLAR JUMPING WRONG WALL Facing a Boerboel, Held Hostage In Swim Pool, trying to escape, 2 Pitbull...

Jody Gabrielson was busy watching television at his home in Old Wapad in Ifafi, Hartbeespoort at about 01h00 on Sunday morning when a trespasser jumped over his boundary wall..... waking Jes, the Boerboel, in the process :-)

"When we looked

out of the window we saw him climbing the wall, and as he took ground, Jes was with him, "Gabrielson said.

The suspect tried to get away from Jes and she chased him into the pool. "When I got outside Jes sat on the edge of the pool and growls at the suspect.

"As I called her, he jumped out of the pool and ran to a wall between me and the neighbors... little did he know that there is Pitbulls

waiting for him on the other side."

"He quickly changed his mind, turned back toward me and came running towards me with an axe."

Meanwhile Gabrielson's wife called the neighborhood watch and PWV Security for help.

Clive Fisher of the security company arrived on the scene momentarily, with the neighborhood guard moments later. The suspect was arrested and suspected stolen items was found in his possession.

The offender was charged for trespassing and possession of suspected stolen goods... All thanks to Jes!



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