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Twenty three arrested for cash-in-transit related crimes Trio Crimes The high density multidiscipli...

Twenty three arrested for cash-in-transit related crimes #Trio Crimes

The high density multidisciplinary stabilisation team, led in the forefront by medium to high risk operatives this past week apprehended 23 suspects related to Cash-in-Transit heists. Even though the police have in the month of June as compared to May this year, managed to reduce these aggravated robberies with over 60 percent, a lot more work still needs to be


However, we are confident that the stabilisation operations are turning the tide against this particular crime category. The Team consists of members from Crime Intelligence, seasoned investigators, tactical teams such as the Task Force, Tracing teams, the National Intervention Unit and the Tactical Response teams.

The National Commissioner of Police, General Khehla John Sitole, declared during the launch of the stabilisation operation that operatives such as mentioned above will be used in order to be able to match the force that these brazen criminals use to commit Cash-in-Transit robberies.

On the Friday, 6 July 2018, the team, acting on intelligence, arrested two more suspects, a 32-year-old man and his girlfriend, for the May Boksburg Cash-in-Transit robbery where two armoured vehicles were targeted. The girlfriend, a Tshwane Metro Police Officer, is alleged to have been storing the weapons that were used during the attack of two Cash-in-Transit vehicles in Boksburg. The 32-year-old suspect is linked to several Cash-in-Transit robberies in the country. During the arrest, the team recovered one rifle, magazines and several rounds of ammunition. The team also confiscated a Toyota Quantum which is believed to have been a cash purchase.

The team went on to arrest a 42-year-old illegal immigrant at a residential estate in Wonderboom. The suspect was found in possession of explosives including detonators and blasting cartridges. He has also been linked to the May Boksburg Cash-in-Transit heist.

In a parallel operation, two woman, a 67 and a 33-year-old as well as a 50-yea- old man were arrested in Shoshanguve in connection with the attempted robbery on a Cash-in-Transit vehicle in Atlas Road in Boksburg on 4 July 2017. The team also recovered one R5 rifle, one LM5 and over one hundred rounds of ammunition.

The 50-year-old suspect has also been linked to several Cash-in-Transit robberies in the country including the Boksburg incident. During the attempted Cash-in-Transit robbery in Boksburg on 4 July, one suspect was fatally wounded and a rifle, pistol and several rounds of ammunition were confiscated at the scene.

Six suspects were also arrested during a parallel operation for the cross pavement robbery that occurred at a liquor store in Hammanskraal on Monday, 2 July 2018. During the arrests eight various kinds of Firearms and ammunition were seized.

There are eight more suspects arrested in connection with the Dobsonville attempted robbery that took place on Wednesday, 4 July 2017. Four hijacked vehicles were confiscated during the arrests, a Ford Ranger, Volvo, Peugeot and a Kia Picanto. While in Kliptown, Soweto, three suspects were arrested for possession of unlicensed Firearms. Two Firearms and ammunition as well as a Mini Cooper were seized.

The National Commissioner commended the good work done by the operatives. "In order for the police to stamp the authority of the State, we need to continue arresting individuals that commit aggravated robberies, crimes like Cash-in-Transit heists and hijackings instil fear in the inhabitants of this country. We will, following these stabilisation operations, follow with a normalisation plan to ensure the people in South Africa are and feel safe", said General Sitole.

The suspects will appear in various courts in Gauteng province next week facing charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, possession of illegal Firearms and ammunition and/or suspected stolen vehicles.

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