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Sunday 2.54pm statement about the Flooding.... Heavy rains cause widespread flooding Cape Town is ...

Sunday 2.54pm statement about the Flooding....

Heavy rains cause widespread flooding

Cape Town is currently experiencing the much awaited and needed rain. However, the heavy downpour has caused some flooding of many roads across the city.

Flooding has occurred due to the water being prevented from entering the gully, which is the entry point into the stormwater system as a result of obstructions at the mouth of the catch-pit or gully.

This could

be caused by loose debris on the road surface that had landed in the opening of the gully causing a blockage.

One of the other causes of blockages is debris that is dumped into stormwater infrastructure.

In some cases, we have found tree roots that find their way into the joints of the pipes that cause a constriction inside the pipe and can cause blockages.

Areas that are normally hit the hardest are areas that are close to a flood plain or within the flood plain. This is often the case for some informal settlements.

Other areas where we have excessive dumping into the stormwater infrastructure are also prone to flooding.

We are currently assessing the data for today to be able to identify problem areas.

Some of the most affected areas where roads have been flooded across the metro and that have been reported to our Transport Information Centre are:

• Lower Gordon road, Strand, property affected

• Kudu Avenue, Lotus River, traffic affected

• Crescent Road, corner of Claremont Avenue, traffic affected

• Louw Avenue, Grassy Park

• Fernwood, Newlands

• Main Road and the R44, Somerset West - traffic affected

• Carel Uys Road and Blombos Road, Atlantis

Our teams are on high alert and are attending to the incidents as we become aware of them. We are also working in close collaboration with other City departments.

The Roads and Stormwater depots are clearing roadways and unblocking drains.

The Disaster Operations Centre has been activated to assess the impact and coordinate responses.

I urge motorists to take extra care or where possible delay non-essential travel.

I also want to urge residents to report all incidents to the Transport Information Centre on the Toll Free number: 0800 65 64 63 or email:


Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

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