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Woman & Child were Killed last night after Boulder thrown from Bridge onto Car, KZN...

Female & Child Killed: Ballito

A woman and her 7 year old brother were killed after a boulder which was thrown from a bridge in between Tongaat and Ballito struck the vehicle they were travelling last night

IPSS medical rescue received a call for a accident on the N2 north bound lane between Tongaat and Ballito last night.

While our responses teams where enroute to the accident we received a second call

saying that the driver was traveling towards a local hospital in ballito, our teams rerouted towards the hospital and met up with the vehicle.

Unfortunately both victims were declared dead on the arrival at hospital.

A giant boulder hurled from a highway overpass on the N2 struck the windscreen of their vehicle crushing the woman and her 7 year old brother. The woman's husband the driver of the vehicle was lucky to escape rock strike unharmed.

It is understood that the family had been travelling north to Stanger when the incident occured.

The SAPS is investigating two counts of murder.

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