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WARNING: Woman trying to Help a half-naked woman on road, Gun-pointed, Raped & Robbed...

The commissioner of the Mpumalanga police, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, has urged motorists to be wary of people seeking assistance along the road.

On Friday, spokesperson Sergeant Gerald Sedibe said the warning followed the rape and robber of a 36-year-old woman in an alleged roadside scam.

"The woman was driving home when a half-naked lady emerged from the bushes and attempted to stop her under false pretexts that she needed help.

After driving a few meters, she (the victim) decided to drive back and assist.

PLEASE NOTE! Although this incident happened in Mpumalanga, this Warning are not restricted to an area - This can happen anywhere - Share with family and friends.

Immediately after stopping her vehicle, the half-naked lady disappeared and an unknown man popped out of the bushes wearing a balaclava and pointing a firearm," Sedibe said.

The man got into the woman's car and instructed her to drive towards the Injaka dam, where a second man joined them.

"The victim tried to escape but the suspect fired a shot and forced her to undress. They both took turns raping her.

"They further robbed the victim of an undisclosed amount of money, a cellphone and other belongings, then fled the scene in a green Volkswagen Citi Golf," Sedibe said.

"No one has been arrested as yet and police are on the lookout for the suspects, including the lady who appeared to be asking for assistance.

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