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8 months ago

SAFETY ALERT: Woman Injured after a Brick was thrown through Car Window...

On Saturday evening at about 19h00 a female driver pulled from the road and parked in a side street off Stanley road in Central Port Elizabeth.

The victim who prefers to stay anonymous for her own safety, told News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents (NARI) that she parked her car in a side street and she was looking down at her cell phone when suddenly something smashed the drivers window.

"I couldn't

start the car... I went numb, everything else is a blur. I somehow drove away, I remember seeing green robots on Cape Road - passing Greenacres Hospital I think and blood on the steering wheel."

"I didn't know I had been hit until I got home in Sunridge Park. I only saw the brick hours later."

NARI wishes her a speedy recovery.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS (Especially for Woman driving Alone):

  • Be On the Move – If you are getting into your car after shopping, visiting a friend, or a party, don’t sit and linger in your car and check your phone or scramble around in your handbag. This only gives the predator more time to check you out.
  • Parking– Planning to head home alone at night? Park in a well-lit and secure area.
  • Don’t Stop – If you are alone, do not stop to assist motorists who appear to be injured or experiencing problems, even if there are children involved. It may be a set-up to rob or attack you. Just drive on. Same goes for hitchhikers.
  • ALSO NOTE: If you suspect that you are being followed or you have car trouble or a flat tyre late at night, drive to the nearest public place or police station.

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