1 Deceased & 1 Critically Injured when Trench Collapses - Makwassie, North West On June 25, 201...

1 Deceased & 1 Critically Injured when Trench Collapses - Makwassie, North West

On June 25, 2018, at about 16h00, TAC-Pulse ERS' RV01, TP07 and TP02 responded to an urgent call, in which two (2) workers were said to be trapped


Upon arrival, TAC-Pulse ERS Paramedics found a backactor trying to dig out two (2) people that were completely submerged under the sand when the walls of a trench allegedly collapsed onto a total of four (4) workers. Two (2) of the workers managed to escape, but unfortunately, the remaining two were too deep into the trench, and could not make it out.

The trench was approximately 5-10 meters deep and about 2 meters wide, it is alleged that no

safety precautions were present, nor was the working area secured. Furthermore, it is alleged that the trench was dug in a main road that carries heavy trucks, with no safety warnings.

Both workers were reached after about five (5) minutes, but sadly one of them had succumbed to his injuries. The other worker was rescued from the trench with the combined efforts of Wolmaransstad EMRS and TAC-Pulse ERS. With teamwork, the patient was stabilised and provided with spinal immobilisation during the rapid extrication process, while Makwassie SAPS and Boontjies Coetzee assisted with the control and safety of the rescue operation. Once freed, the patient was provided with Advanced Life Support care and rapidly transported to a local Hospital for further management.

TP02 treated an additional five (5) workers on the scene with severe traumatic shock and transported them to a local Hospital.

We also wish to extend our gratitude to Pastor Jaco Deetlefs who immediately came to the scene, and opened the CFCI Bible College to assist with counseling and support for the family members waiting for news during and after the rescue efforts.

Makwassie SAPS detectives were on scene to investigate the events of the incident.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this horrific incident. South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association - SAPAESA News24.com OFM News SABC News Online #savinglives #Ambulance #NorthWest #Makwassie #Wolmaransstad #TACPulseERS #Tragicincident #EMRS #ALS #safety #rescueoperation #rapidextridiction #trench #SAPS #trappedunderground


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