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Buh-Rein Estate Resident woke at 03h15 of his son's scream as Burglars were found inside their home...

During the early hours of Saturday morning a Buh-Rein Estate Resident, John Bond, had an unpleasant visit when he woke up at about 03h15 to the sound of his son, Ivan's scream.

Two unknown burglars found inside the room where my son and his girlfriend were sleeping. The stolen items includes a cellphone and a purse.

Bond told News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents: "There were two of them, one inside and one

outside the house. We chased after them but they jumped the wall and ran in different directions. Ivan chasing one and I the other... we lost them both though... too dark and they had a lead through the parked cars. Jumped the wall of the next complex and disappeared into the reeds... Tried tracking them but too dark".

"While searching, Ivan found another resident of Buh-Rein's wallet... we called him from a contact number in the wallet. He was totally unaware that burglars had been inside his home too while they were asleep."

Bond spoke to a Security Guard who came to take down their details about trying to get hold of some of the surveillance footage... only to be told that security camera footage is "unavailable" and he can only speak to those that have access, on Monday.

"So much for living in a security estate... I have the impression many more residents are going to wake up to find they have items missing and burglars were inside their homes while they slept. It's not about whats missing, but the vile intrusion of our safety and security", Bond said.

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