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We can confirm that an incident took place at our Lenasia store on Sunday, 25th February – part of which was filmed and is now circulating on social media. Food Lover's Market does not condone any form of violence and we are shocked that this incident transpired on our premises.

From our investigation into this incident it has come to light that the team member who is being restrained and

held to the ground had, prior to the filming of this incident, attempted to stab his colleague with a knife.

The supervisor, who can be seen in the footage sitting astride the team member, intervened to disarm the team member and prevent him from stabbing his colleague. Witness accounts from other team members who were present at the time of the incident confirm how the altercation started.

The South African Police Service arrested all three individuals involved in this incident this morning. All three individuals are due to appear in the Lenasia Magistrates Court this afternoon where they will be charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

We view this incident in an extremely serious light and we will, parallel to the criminal process, continue to follow our internal processes that will include an internal disciplinary process in respect of all three individuals involved in this incident."


Following on from the statement made on 27 February 2018, Food Lover's Market can confirm that, while the investigation into the incident at the Lenasia store is ongoing, four individuals will face an internal disciplinary inquiry – after which the appropriate and correct actions will be taken by the company to address any infractions.

Senior management at Food Lover's Market Lenasia has been replaced, effective immediately.

As the individuals involved face an internal disciplinary inquiry, as well as criminal charges we are not in a position to disclose any further detail on the matter, without jeopardising the outcome of these processes.

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