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Know the Dangers of these cute Family Stickers on the back windscreen of Vehicles...

We've all seen these little family stickers on the back windscreen of vehicles that represents your family. For example: Let's say your family includes Dad, Mom, Boy Twins and 2 Dogs then your family sticker might look something like this.

There is millions of templates and you can even customize and create your own family sticker. I've seen some families even add there names to the stickers like in the photo below. 

Millions of people around the world and also in South Africa proudly drive around with their family sticker stuck on the back window of their vehicles.

In my job as a Crime Fighter, I look at these stickers and what I see is an opportunity which

criminals might use against you to their advantage. Let me explain. Housebreaking and home robbery is one of the most feared crimes in South Africa.

Before criminals break into a property, perpetrators try to identify the Number of all the residents to avoid unnecessary surprises or to guide them during the robbery which normally leads to an attack. This is done through peering through windows, usually under the cover of darkness.

Now with that said, a criminal can look at your family sticker when you pull into or out of your driveway, count the people in the vehicle and that provides them with a lot of information that they normally gather prior to the attack.

Another thing about these family stickers is, people include their pets. If the family have a small dog, they add the funny looking small dog icon to their sticker. (95% do).

If it's a large dog, they add the Watchdog icon to the sticker and that is a clear indication to perpetrators that they can expect to find a dog on the premises so they prepare themselves better to take care of the dog (normally ends in killing the dog).

Some people might refer to this article as fear mongering and that is not my intention. 

If you never knew the possible dangers of these very popular family stickers, make sure to SHARE with friends and family to warn them about this possible and innocent advantage criminal might be using against you.

Be Safe, From your Local Crime Fighter


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