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Land Expropriation without compensation - EXPLAINED - Only for Educated humans...

If you haven't figured it out yet, then here is a quick political lesson in what "Expropriation of land without compensation" means, the importance of populism and how the string of words actually means nothing.

The EFF party was founded in

June 2013. So, in order for them to be credible, in less than 12 months, (before the 2014 general elections) the EFF needed to get popular at a turbo rate, so they needed a policy, a mission statement, a brand, that would radically swing votes. A string of words that would stick to fly paper. Even if it meant creative nonsense.

Enter "Expropriation of land without compensation"

We all know, *the educated people* that it is unconstitutional and just plain and

utter nonsense. But that aside and with much ado about nothing, the EFF banged the drums and danced to the tune of "Expropriation of land without compensation" to the uneducated poor masses, who were at that time diminished of social and political power and marginalized by their ruling party, forgotten about and tired of false promise after false promise. The EFF was hoping to win voters. Which it did.

Shock and awe, the 2016 municipal elections. One thing is for sure, it proved that the ANC was losing the popular vote and were shed voters by way of the EFF. Winning voters based on one policy alone. LAND.

The ANC realised at this point, that a new "radical" policy was needed to turn the tide of voters jumping ship to the EFF.

Enter "Expropriation of land without compensation part 2"

Now, remember the policy itself is utter nonsense and totally unconstitutional. So what are the ANC doing with this policy? The answer, "Clever Politics"

A bit of a gamble and a dose of wisdom, from the old heads like Cyril Ramaphosa. The gamble is, throwing their hat in the "Expropriation of land without compensation" fighting pit, knowing it will be thrown out of the Constitutional court.

The gamble is knowing it will never make it through the constitution and having to explain to the uneducated masses that it cannot be achieved. The nett result… Silencing the EFF and stripping the EFF of the only policy that is has. LAND. If neither of them can come out the victor, then the ANC will win. Unless the EFF have a similar policy, like "Cars without compensation" or "KFC without compensation"

So, how is the ANC victorious in defeat?

Simple, getting the voters back once the ridiculous land policy is thrown out of court. When the policy is tested and then thrown out of court, it will become illegal and in terms of the IEC regulations, to be any political party policy. By stripping the EFF of voters like it was a fire sale. Reassuring the international investor collective that the Constitution is tested and is sound.

How is the EFF going to Survive?

Very difficultly. It wouldn't be too far off the plantation, if most of the EFF re-join the ANC after the rise and fall of "Expropriation of land without compensation" as it disappears into obscurity. The Constitution is proudly robust and uniquely South African in strength which is the envy of most nations.

- Marc Demmer -


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