NARI Reporter

2019-01-25 09:37:11 -


2 Cases of public violence was opened on 24/01 & 12 people have been arrested.

All to suspects will appear in Estcourt Magistrate's Court today. Members of the SAPS have been deployed in the area - Motorists are advised to make use of alternative routes.

Preparedness for Civil Unrest in Areas of Protests:

  • Safety always starts with planning - The best way not to become part of any unrest situation is to not be there in the first place.
  • If you are aware of trouble in an area and it is not essential to travel, rather delay your journey or find alternate routes.
  • Monitor media and social media and listen to the local radio station for radio reports and traffic updates.
  • If in doubt about the safety of an area, phone a police station in the area for advice.
  • On the national tolled roads, the toll concessionaires have call centres that are operational 24/7, offering regular updates on social media platforms such as Twitter.
  • Limit your trips at night or at least take someone along with you. Many of the recent incidents of public violence on our freeways have taken place under the cover of darkness.
  • During daytime, there is increased visibility allowing more time and space to respond to emergencies.
  • Be extra cautious when accompanied by people with special needs such as children, the elderly or a passenger who is pregnant.
  • Have enough water in the vehicle to remain hydrated during travel delays.
  • Become familiar with your route before you start the trip.
  • Get a map of the route and study it for alternative routes and roads
  • GPS devices or apps on smartphones may also provide invaluable guidance on routes for detours.

Tips courtesy by Arrive Alive