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The name says it all... Random Articles is when our Database fetch and return a randomly selected SAPS News Article based on the province you choose.

An effortless approach to keep you up to date on what is happening in your province.
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All Articles are related to News or Media Statements released by the South African Police Services.

Tools & Features includes:
  • Random Articles
  • Map with a List of all Police Stations across SA including contact information
  • All the Latest SAPS News, Statements and Media Releases
  • All neatly organised into the 9 provinces of South Africa.

The Content you will find on My SA Police Station includes:

  • All the latest Press Releases from the South African Police Service
  • Safety Tips
  • Up to date Crime News
  • Crime Trends & How to Avoid becoming a Victim
  • Latest Media Statements
  • Court Updates & Results
  • Police Station News
  • Police & Crime News from all 9 Provinces of SA
  • Scam Alerts
  • Wanted & Missing Persons

To Report any Bugs, Typos, Wrong Info, Broken Links, Suggestions, Feedback or inform us of anything that you would like us to look at visit the contact us page.

If your police station is not listed in the Station Database, please inform us by making use of the contact us page and we will add.

Tip: Please double check the spelling if you can't find your police station before making a submission.

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Not only has NARI become a very unique and trustworthy news platform, it also offer our Members a whole lot of value.

  • Constantly Expanding the Platform with new features and useful tools to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Extremely Easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • Mobile-Friendly with the latest Web Techniques
  • We Listen to you and we're constantly in development to improve
  • Nearly 3-Million Members, Users & Subscribers are using NARI to stay Informed 24/7.

Sharing information of News, Accidents, Robberies, Incidents (NARI) and related topics directly from Local Communities across South Africa. NARI, Keeping you Informed 24/7!

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